• First Appointment (Clinic or home) – £35
  • Further Clinic Appointments (If seen with 10 wks) – £30
  • Simple toe nail cutting only (click here for conditions) – £20

Please note: Discount vouchers are only valid for the FIRST appointment.
Additional charges listed below may be added to the normal appointment fee listed above:

  • Hand nail cut in addition to routine appointment – £10
  • Chair side / Temporary insoles – £15-£40
  • Prescription only medication – per item (eg. Anitbiotics) – £15

Minor Surgical / Clinical Procedures

You must have had an initial appointment PRIOR to any of the following:

  • Dry needling procedure for verucae (under local anaesthesia) – £80
  • Nail surgery (under local anaesthesia & dressing appointment) – £180 (£20 extra toe)
  • Steroid / LA Injections (including appointment cost) – £80
  • Ultrasound therapy course of 6 treatments – £90

Orthotics / Insoles

Price includes impression box/casting & fitting appointment:

  • Off the shelf devices – From £22
  • Semi bespoke device – From £50
  • Bespoke devices (CAD CAM) – From £160-£200


Payment is due at time of the appointment and receipts will be available if requested.

The podiatrist, during your FIRST routine appointment will examine and assess your condition, discuss and agree a treatment plan with you. If the podiatrist feels you require additional treatment/management that would incurs further cost, they will advise and discuss this with you, so that you can make and informed decision.

Routine appointments include:

Otoforms, dressings, topical medications, nail cutting, callus/corn management. Diabetic foot assessment as required.

During routine appointments, if it is felt you require additional services, the cost are listed below. The Podiatrist will always discuss with you what they feel is required as part of your treatment plan.


Bespoke/semi bespoke items are custom made for your feet following a prescription the podiatrist writes. This is then sent to a specialist laboratory for manufacture. The turn around time for manufacture is normally three weeks. A non returnable deposit of 50% of the full cost is required prior to us placing the order for orthotics.

Cancelled Appointments

If you need to cancel your appointment we request you give as much notice as possible to allow us to fill the appointment (normally 24hrs). Appointment cancelled on the day or if the podiatrist attends your home for an appointment and your are not available, the full routine appointment fee will be charged to you (excludes surgical procedures where a non-refundable deposit has been paid).